Why us?

So what does ANCS do for accountants?

We give accountants access to a specialist lawyer and advice concerning complaints, regulatory and disciplinary cases. We also advise on professional matters, ethics, difficult clients and provide guidance on how to apply for readmission to membership. But, primarily, we are here to represent accountants before disciplinary hearings, appeal and regulatory committees.


ANCS commenced trading on 1st November 2013. The company was set up by Chris Cope, solicitor (1976) and David Young FCA who worked in the ICAEW’s Professional Standards Office from 1992 to 2003. Chris Cope dealt with complaints/discipline at the ICAEW from 1976-1983. Since 1984, he has specialised in advising hundreds of accountants before accountancy hearings and tribunals – ICAEW/ ACCA/ ICAS/ CIMA/ CIPFA/ Taxation Disciplinary Board (CIOT)/ APA.

Expertise in defending and representing accountants

We can assist clients in the UK facing a complaint, disciplinary proceedings, a regulatory problem or a difficult practice issue and by providing advice generally. In other words, we exist to help you solve your practice problems.

Chris Cope is a solicitor, having considerable experience of dealing with accountant complaints, disciplinary hearings and practice problems.

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