We are specialist advisers for accountant complaints and disciplinary cases

The lawyer – Chris Cope

Qualified as a solicitor 1976.
Employed Professional Conduct Department, ICAEW, 1976-1983.
Handled numerous complaints at ICAEW.
Secretary to Investigation Committee.
Prosecuted cases before Disciplinary/Appeal Committees.
1984-1987 ran advisory service for accountants.
1988-October 2013 practised as a solicitor.
Since 1988 acted for hundreds of accountants and represented well over 500 before tribunals.
Established Accountants National Complaint Services Limited in November 2013.
Also established Accountants’ Defence & Advisory Services Ltd in January 2004.
As an ANCS director, will give advice to clients and represent them before disciplinary (mitigation cases) and regulatory tribunals. May instruct counsel on complex, defended and appeal cases, or handle the case himself.
Holds a practising certificate and is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


The accountant – David Young FCA

Qualified chartered accountant.
After over 20 years in the profession, both in the UK and overseas, joined the Professional Standards Office of the ICAEW in 1992.
Investigated allegations of professional misconduct against members and member firms.
Resolved many complaints without the need for bringing formal disciplinary action.
In more serious cases, prepared written reports to the Professional Conduct Committees.
Has given detailed advice to members to ensure compliance with professional and regulatory requirements.
Retired from the Professional Standards Office in 2003 and is now in practice as a consultant.
Also a director of Accountants’ Defence & Advisory Services Ltd.
Appointed director of Accountants National Complaint Services Limited in November 2013.
As a director of ANCS, will give advice to members on how to avoid a complaint and, once a complaint is made, how to respond.
Will also advise on how to seek solutions to professional problems.
Holds a practising certificate and is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.
David Young retired as a director of ANCS at the end of July 2020.

For free initial advice

please contact Chris Cope (director/solicitor) on 01769 581581, or, alternatively, send an email to chris.cope@accountant-services.co.uk

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