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We are specialist advisers for accountant complaints and disciplinary cases including ACCA, ICAEW Disciplinary Hearings and more.

Lawyers for accountant complaints and disciplinary cases

For any accountant in practice to be informed that a complaint has been made to their professional body, such as ACCA and that the complaint is to be investigated, will, inevitably, be an extremely worrying matter. You will not know the likely outcome to the investigation. It may be referred to an Investigation Committee. But, equally, it may end up before a Disciplinary Committee.

It is therefore absolutely essential that the practising accountant obtains expert advice at the earliest possible stage and that’s where we come in. Chris Cope and David Young FCA, have between them 65 years’ experience dealing with accountant complaint and disciplinary cases including ICAEW and ACCA disciplinary hearings. We provide specialist advice and representation for accountants.

We can advise and defend you now!

We will give priority to your problem and advise you as to what you should do. We will also assist in drafting your response to the professional body. Whether it’s ACCA, ICAEW or another body. We will guide you throughout the investigation and if – which we hope will not happen – you are referred to the Disciplinary Committee, Chris Cope will represent you or ensure that you are represented by experienced counsel. We will, though, need to charge you a fee for our services. However, we consider that our hourly rates are reasonable. We also offer no-obligation free initial advice (by telephone or email) about your case and your requirements.

We are here to assist the accountancy profession and offer a unique service and reliable service in the UK for helping you deal with ACCA disciplinaries and much more.

For free initial advice on disciplinary hearings

please contact Chris Cope (director/solicitor) on 01769 581581, or alternatively, send him an email

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We give accountants access to a specialist lawyer and advice concerning complaints, regulatory and disciplinary hearings. We also advise on professional matters, ethics, difficult clients and provide guidance on how to apply for readmission…

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Our two directors can assist clients in the UK facing a complaint, disciplinary proceedings, a regulatory problem or a difficult practice issue and by providing advice generally. In other words, we exist to help you solve your practice problems. Our two directors include…

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